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Satori Guest Artist Application

Satori — an artists performance space providing an opportunity for self-producing artists to perform their ORIGINAL works to their fullest expression as part of the Satori performance season. Satori is proud to co-sponsor guest artists performing movement based works.   We encourage artist to embrace multidisciplinary aesthetics that include:  dance, aerial, circus, poetry, spoken word, theatre, experimental music, video and performance as art.  


Each guest artist should be prepared to co-produce (revenue sharing, volunteering hours) their work with support from Satori.   Performances will be presented at Satori, 815 Almar Avenue, Unit 9B, Cruz, CA 95060. Along with liberal access to performance rehearsal space, the artists may also receive assistance with lighting, sound, and aerial rigging equipment.  


Guest artists may also be eligible for additional funding through Satori. 


Remember only ORIGiNAL works will be considered.    Thank you.


Satori Guest Artist Application


Group Name: _____________________________________________


Website Address: __________________________________________


Contact Person: ________________________


Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________


Business/Home Phone: (____)________________ Cell Phone: (____)_____________________


E-Mail: ________________________


Best method and time to reach you: _______________________________________________


Please submit a two-page letter of intent detailing your proposed project:


  • Describe your motivations for creating this original work.   Please detail source materials.


  • Discuss the personal and universal message of the work.


Satori is committed to innovation


  • Discuss how your work is innovative.


  • Describe the process, procedure or methodology for creating the piece.  Please provide us with any theme, narrative, form and content, or any kinetic words to help describe the movement, visual and audio vocabulary of the piece.


  • Describe the music, lighting, costuming, length, number of performers and title of your performance.


  • Please describe stage space requirements props or sets included in your work.


  • Describe other requirements or special needs.


Please submit along with your application a copy of your resume. 


Satori is a licensed 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.   The selection of guest artist will be made by a panel of professionals selected by Satori.   All decisions are final.   


Thank you and have a wonderful day.



Signed: ______________________________________________ Date: _______________________


Printed Name: _________________________________________ Contact






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