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Satori – An Artists Space

815 Almar Avenue, UNIT 9, Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Seeks to co-produce  works of artists’ abstract narratives making comment on the broadest range of content to question, doubt and suppose in the noble pursuit of truth.


 Call for information 314-503-8441

For more than 30 years, Satori has thrived, explored, shared and produced truly innovative work in a professional studio space located in St. Louis, Mo. Through the COVID journey and the resultant introspection, it was decided to close the studio at the end of 2020. 


Satori announces its reemergence at

815 Almar Ave, Unit 9, Santa Cruz, California

January of 2023.

Satori is the studio of performance artist Tom Brady as well as a singular resource venue producing dozens of works by artists of many disciplines with a commitment to ideas, creating new vocabulary to express whispered wisdom.

Tom’s performance work innovates and explores, complex, meaning driven content creating comment on the state of being. ​

Brady has performed his original works in Milan Italy at the Generative Arts Conference; New York, NY at Franklin Furnace; Chicago, IL, at Links Hall, and Siteless; St. Louis, MO, Laumeier Sculpture Park, Forest Park, Shakespeare Glen, and COCA; San Francisco, CA at ODC Theatre, and now Santa Cruz, CA.

Satori is a 501c3 nonprofit

Satori – Mission.


Satori seeks to engage audiences, challenge norms and open new avenues to understanding while making comment on the state of being. The resulting form is driven by the content while reshaping and expanding performative art vocabulary. 



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